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Here are pictures and info about the visible upgrades to my stereo. Wiring Diagram is at the bottom. Most information is for LSE model, but there are wire colors at the bottom for other models. I installed a pair of subwoofers in my Disco. I wanted to keep the factory CD changer and I have been pretty happy with the sound quality of the factory radio, but it did need some more bass. I would love to hear any suggestions on how to get the diversity antennas to pull radio stations in better. I get some static in all but the most powerful stations since I live away from a big city. I ended up getting a pair of Infinity Basslinks.

Can you hook up subs to a stock magnum CD player

Attempting to use an amplifier at an unstable load will damage the amp. Note that some high end car audio vendors intentionally underrate their amplifiers so that a 50×2 Watt amplifier 4 ohms really does produce x1 4 ohms. This is done so that car stereo systems using their equipment can enter car audio competitions in a lower Wattage category, giving them an edge over the competition.

Feb 01,  · ThanksCan you hook up subs and amp while using the factory deck in a Cadillac Cts?If your amp has high input connections Yes But you have to hook .

Originally Posted by diehard87 I’m supposed to hook up new amps and subs for a small venue. Currently they have a mono aux send feeding a crossover just for the subs, going into 2 crown xti amps, to power 4 total subs. If I have this right, it should look like this I believe the amps are set to bridged mono. Then speaker outputs of the 1st channel from both amps feed 2 subs that are linked together.

Is this sounding like an appropriate setup?

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Certified Quality Entertainment 3: What would be the best way to do that? But if you had 2 K subs do you need a splitter or something? Subs first then highs. Either one can be used. Just out of curiosity, what if you wanted to add additional subs or tops?

Apr 18,  · In the same room, I want to hook up a pair of Totem model 1 signatures with a 2nd velodyne sub, just to listen to music. I have a velodyne SPL r that I want use hook up to that zone 2 set-up. The zone 2 on my denon is only designed for 2 channel audio.

But what the manufacturer is not showing you is the bandwidth vs. Quality of bass and how well it integrates into a system is paramount. If I have to sacrifice a bit of extension and SPL to achieve this, so be it. The Set-Up I left my EP towards the left front corner behind my couch as it has been for the past 3 years.

I placed one EP on top of it and the other EP diagonally located towards the back right of the room. Luckily the distance between both EP s was relatively equal to the primary listening area making it much easier to integrate them and not have to worry about bass cancellations due to mismanaged time alignment between the two subs.

I checked the phase and found they integrated best with both subs set to 0 degrees default. I always recommend using symmetry when placing your subwoofers relative to the primary listening area. The Analysis When setting up subwoofers in a home theater system, I always measure the response to ensure I am at least in the ballpark for great bass. I run sweeps using LMS or my Sencore SP C Audio Analyzer, adjusting placement, crossover settings, phase and electrical distance until I measure the most linear response at my two primary listening positions.

After level matching the EP and two EP s, I was ready to do a direct comparison between them integrated into my family room theater. As you can see the dual EP response is much more linear across the entire frequency range.

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Here are a few general tips to keep in mind as you plan your speaker installation. Types of installations After you identify your vehicle on our Vehicle Selector and select the mounting location, you’ll see which speakers fit your car. Speakers labelled “E-Z” will fit in the factory speaker openings and use the factory grilles and brackets. The magnet fits the available space and the tweeters won’t interfere with your grilles.

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From personal experience of adding aftermarket amp, sub and speakers to a different car, the head unit is usually garbage and limits bass at some volume so you miss out. I ended up replacing a stock nav system with a double din dvd non nav head unit. No need for factory “upgraded audio” in my opinion. But if you are going to do it, you will need to tap into the front speaker wires from your stereo and either use a line out converter or have an amp that takes speaker level inputs.

I can only assume with the 8. You can get your remote turn on from that ones remote turn on. Actually, I would also take my signal from there, pre-or post amplification depending on if you use a LOC or speaker level aftermarket amp input. Post amp will be crossed over and higher voltage so you will likely need the LOC. Pre-amp will be more so full range but lower voltage so you should be able to run that straight to the amp.

How do I hook up 3 subs to an amp

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About Us Founded in , KEF has been providing the world’s audiophiles with unparalleled sound quality, field-leading acoustic research, and a standard for everyone else to live up to.

Connecting individual woofers in a series configuration is not common in car audio. This is a lot more common in musical instrument guitar and bass guitar speaker cabinets. In the diagrams below, you can see the relative current flow from the amplifier’s outputs indicated by the red arrows into various loads. At the bottom, you can see that 2 ohm mono two 4 ohm speakers bridged is the same as 1 ohm stereo four 4 ohm speakers per channel.

The image below shows the DVC speaker wired to both channels of a stereo amplifier. Each channel of the amplifier drives a 4 ohm load. This image shows the DVC driver with both voice coils wired in parallel. This presents a 2 ohm mono load to the amplifier which may damage most amplifiers. Impedance of each voice coil? This image shows the two 4 ohm voice coils wired in series. This will present a 8 ohm mono load to the amplifier. This diagram shows 3 DVC woofers with dual 6 ohm voice coils.

The coils of each speaker are wired in series which makes each speaker a 12 ohm speaker and then all of the drivers are wired in parallel for a total of a 4 ohm load. This diagram shows 2 DVC woofers with dual 2 ohm voice coils.

can i hook two subs up to a one channel amp

Supplies Gather your supplies. For the sake of this build we are going to assume you have a 30 amp plug on your generator – like the one shown. If your have one different please adjust your supplies.

Feb 26,  · asuming the jbl is a powered sub you would need a y splitter 1 male to 2 female phonos and 2 phono leads. connect the y splitter into the sub out on the onkyo amp and then connect your 2 phono leads into the 2 females on the splitter and then connect the other 2 ends of the phonos into your subs.

Laguna Blue Pearl As armand1 said, it’s easier to ‘tap’ the speaker wires behind the factory radio. To do that without cutting or splicing the factory radio harness, get two after-market harnesses: Wire the these two straight through so your radio sees all the wires like before , and tap off between these two harnesses to send 2 or 4 of the speaker outputs to your LOC or amp s. You’ll need to make sure both harnesses have all 14 wires.

Most of the ones out there lack one of the illumination wires. Without that your stock radio won’t light up.

What happens if you hook up two subs to a mono channel amp

You cannot have too much subwoofer. A bigger subwoofer from the same manufacturer will always play lower, has lower distortion, more headroom, and better long term reliability if played at the same listening level. Hence, if budget is not an issue, going for the larger sub will always be beneficial, if there is no WAF or physical limitations.

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Tweet March 17, GoodSound! Paul has used NRC’s advanced facilities to design his loudspeakers and subwoofers since the early ’70s. Paul had some interesting things to say about the basics of subwoofer placement Benefits of a sub The use of subwoofers in home audio is an issue of contention among audiophiles. Perhaps the most important is that a sub allows the sats to be placed where they will image best, while the sub itself can be placed where it can most evenly distribute energy throughout the listening room.

The problem At low frequencies, the room has more of an influence on the sound than does the speaker itself. Improper setup can lead to peaks at frequencies at which soundwaves reinforce each other, and dips, or nulls, at frequencies at which they cancel each other out. Sitting closer to the walls tends to homogenize the sound.

How to install a powered subwoofer in your car